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With the general expansion of electronic data processing, applications of smart card technology had been used widely in our daily life, which having brought more business opportunities to enterprise, as well as a brand-new consumption way to everyone. The traditional smart card applications rely on a high level technology basis and background knowledge, this however obstruct the further development of security applications based on the smart card medium.

.NET Enabled SmartCard is changing everything...
So, what technology background should I have to develop the .NET Enabled SmartCard level application?

APDU command? -- No, not necessary to know!
ISO7816 specified data format? -- No, not necessary to know!
Communication between the PC and the smart card? -- No, not necessary to know!

Now, throw away the embedded smart card developing tool and dive into the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET environment with internal high stability and usability, what you need then is to program .NET application and download it to the .NET Enabled SmartCard. Just by doing this, you have completed the one-stop development of smart card level application!

Sounds like magic? No, to be practical and realistic, the application development of .NET Enabled SmartCard is such simple!




  Releases DotNetSmartCard SDK v2.0







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