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The NTFS File System under Windows platform made a strong impression to most of us, especially towards its security authentication mechanism - the provision of access to folders and documents, being mounted on the NTFS File System folders and documents, to control their powers, and different groups of users with different powers. Assuredly, .NET Enabled SmartCard is also the embodiment of this capability, recurring to the brand-new data storage method NCFS (.NET Enabled SmartCard FileSystem). NCFS is the security file system specially designed for the .NET Enabled SmartCard, based on the similar user-level access control with NTFS, the thread-level access control was subjoined to implement the built-in AccessManager feature provided by the .NET Enabled SmartCard.

Apart from the built-in AccessManager, you may self-define the security control policy customized for your requirement. All in all, .NET Enabled SmartCard fills the measure of your security demand of data controlling in every possible way. The built-in algorithms of .NET Framework, including Symmetric Algorithms as DES/3DES/AES, Hash Algorithms as SHA1/SHA256/MD5/HMAC, and Asymmetric Algorithms like RSA etc., are implemented as the standard cryptographic service embedded. All of these cryptographic services can be called not only in the smart card level application, but in the .NET application at customer machine by using the .NET Remoting technology.

More importantly, .NET Enabled SmartCard also supports seamless integration with Microsoft Base Smart Card CSP, by leveraging the pre-download .NET Enabled SmartCard application, it can provide many security-related features without additional software deployment, such as secure network access, data protection, identity authentication etc.


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